At GR Electrical, striving for excellence in reputation; for quality of work, and integrity in business conduct are at the core of our business.  An overriding commitment to safety, quality assurance and employee relations are integral to this company vision.

Health, Safety,

Environment & Community


Quality Assurance



Our impeccable safety record has been consistently awarded ‘Best Performing Electrical Contractor’ on various industrial projects to the benefit of our valued customers and employees alike – we boast over one million man-hours and a TRIFR of zero.  We believe in the philosophy of Zero Harm.


We are proud to provide great employment opportunities for South West community including an apprentice intake, opportunities for local Health and Training providers, downstream supplier and subcontract opportunities. We also support several local sporting and community clubs, and St John of God hospital.





Our personnel are considered our primary asset.

We believe attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business to be a priority in providing quality resources for our clientele.  Some of our long term employees can boast over 120 years combined experience!  GR Electrical maintains an excellent relationship with the CEPU (Electrical Trades Union) to ensure the best conditions for our personnel, and this is demonstrated by our ongoing industrial harmony within our workforce.




Ensuring electrical standards and statutes are met and upheld is the cornerstone of our industry and a responsibility we take seriously.



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